Finally able to start catching up and fixing things!

Last year, we launched these palettes around Black Friday. We filled the first order of 50 without issue and after they sold out in 24 hours, my partner at the time agreed to make 50 of each more and then 50 of each more. I paid for all the supplies, paid for the shipping labels, processed each order and while I was handling the business end of business I was told that all the orders had gone out. This was at the tail end of a series of similar mishaps with our makeup line that happened last year after significant and unexpected growth followed by manufacturing issues that landed us in a never ending catch up cycle.

Though by Christmas, I genuinely thought we had caught up on every launch aside from two. I was wrong and wouldn’t find out the full extent of the misdeeds that happened under my nose while I was busy drowning and trying desperately to grasp for air in the process of digging us out of the hole we’d fallen into and then by January, I had fully drowned. I learned how bad it was. I learned how bad we fucked up and it was too late to save anything. People who contributed to these issues were cut out and I spent the next 6 months just trying to survive with people attacking my character and harassing me and my main income pulled completely out from under me in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

By June, we became homeless again, but this time with help from the organization P.A.T.H. They put us in a hotel until they found us affordable housing in the city, but we only just managed to move in this month. We finally have stable housing, stable income and a stable foundation with which to fix things from. I’m 100% determined to keep going until every single missing order is refunded or replaced, no matter what it takes but that takes money and just because we finally have our heads at surface level, doesn’t mean we are raking in the dough. I’ve posted updates on my blog and on the line in question’s current website. I’m happy to direct you to them or answer any detailed questions privately. I do not want to discuss drama or any of the individuals or companies involved publicly and won’t engage with any harassment.

We will be able to fully replace the missing orders from at least 4 different launches before Christmas and the rest early next year, if we can keep this momentum going. For that, I need your help.

The first two we are working on are the Krampus Palette (and also the mini Krampus palette) and Mini Cthulhu Palette. If you didn’t get one last year and want one this year, message me to order. They are shipping out the first week of December. If you did order one last year and you didn’t get one, PLEASE CONTACT ME and you will get one from this batch. I’ve already talked to several of you. We’ve improved our processes, Joseph Russell Keens Jr has built us a fabulous custom press and we don’t expect anything new we are pressing to have any breaking issues. Durable, highly pigmented AND long wearing. What we were striving for all along. We started with these two because the packaging is easy and reliable for us to get a hold of and we already have the pigments for them.

I am OF COURSE, keeping none of the money from any sales from these. The funds after cost of filling the palettes are going DIRECTLY TO FILLING OLD ORDERS AND REFUNDS. Everything I launch and do right now is for that purpose. It’s the best way I know to try and clean up this mess as quickly as possible. I know many of you have been following along and have asked the best way to support us, including asking us to launch things for this purpose, and so we are doing this. Watch for a second post with more details. The window to order these is small because we are announcing the next batch of production for another product before Black Friday.

Krampus and Cthulhu 12 color palettes. $40 each or $75 for both. Shipping is included in those prices. I do still have several of the Krampus accessories from last year that we offered as freebies so if you order early, you can get one for free when you order both palettes. If these look familiar to you or if you ordered them last year and have any questions, please read the post previous to this one before commenting or messaging me.
Shipping first week of December. Message me at to order while you can, this offer is only up for a week or two.

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