I’ve been having some really profound dreams recently. 

Last night I dreamed that in the process of writing my autobiography, I tried to message myself in Facebook messenger a passage I wrote while I was on my phone. I wound up mistakenly sending it to an old group chat that had a former friend in it as well as several of our celebrity friends. Before I could remove it from the message and explain, she attempted to call me a liar about the situation. I told her that she could say I’m lying as much as she wanted to but it wouldn’t make my story any less true and reminded her that I have witnesses to it as well. 

Later in this dream I encountered her again in person, this time not only did she try to apologize but a couple of mutual friends tried to guilt me into letting her back in my life. I told her I wasn’t interested in reconciliation because I had taken my power back and I’m not going to let her bully me anymore. For years I let her insult me, verbally tear me down and run my life in ways that were destructive for my household and business. I told her that she was a bully and I don’t hang out with mean girls (I think I actually used a line from Mean Girls, because why not). She started bawling and trying to play the victim to anyone nearby who would listen and I just walked away. I’m proud of dream Rachel, I’m also proud of real Rachel because it mirrors how the friendship ended in real life as well. 

Never let anyone tell you who you are or take your power away. I believe In you and if you’re in that situation now, I believe in your ability to walk away.

Another dream I had recently took place in this giant shopping mall/convention center. It was honestly a combination of just about every convention we’ve vended at, Vampire stuff, Horror Con stuff, Makeup Show stuff etc. We had 3 different brands we were showcasing there with pop ups and people kept coming up to me asking for advice/my opinions on other brands new launches. A celebrity friend of mine in real life, kept texting me to come meet these models he wanted me to work with. 

After a while of this, a woman approached me. She showed me a portfolio on her tablet that was essentially an organized vendetta against my company that experienced significant downfall last year after a series of manufacturing problems and my former business partner screwed us over. She clearly didn’t know who I was. I wanted to run away, but I decided not to. I gulped loudly, took a deep breath and shook her hand and introduced myself. I told her that “I understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and I understand why you think that you’re right, but I feel like you’re targeting the wrong person and would appreciate it if you would hear me out. I’m happy to answer any questions you have for me. I have the time.” As this conversation continued, one by one she called over friends of hers who were also against me. None of them knew half the real story about me or my business and none of them after speaking to me and facing me face to face could maintain their grudge. 

There actually is a Facebook group out there doing just this right now. It’s small. These people have banded together to spread lies about me and collectively harass anyone I work with that they can get a hold of. I’m in the process of handling them legally for this harassment. If there was any validity to their claims I would handle them directly and just refund them or try to offer whatever solution I can, but there unfortunately isn’t. Nearly everyone in this group (all the ones I was able to connect to actually ordering from us) have either already received refunds or their orders. I’ve been honest & open with our customers and I’m still in the process of cleaning up the mess that was left to me to fix. I’ve received a massive outpouring of support every time I come forward with more details of my story and the story of this business. I feel like this dream is telling me I need to go more public with my story, so I’m going to be doing just that. I’m also beginning the process of finishing and publishing my auto-biography. I truly have had a unique life and accomplished a lot against some incredible odds. I have an audience and I need to stop hiding and get out there more. I’m going to start sharing more of these details and keeping them up for public record on this site so that those who wish to support me, can do so here.

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