My background is in business and marketing.I’ve always been passionate about building genuine connections and using my business endeavors to give back and help people whenever possible. I’ve worked as an FX Makeup artist for several years in haunted houses and on horror films.

I started out on my own at 16, working to claw my way out of deep level poverty. I started out selling Mary Kay as a teenager and eventually began the journey to launch my own line in 2011. We Officially Launched with the help of Betablox business incubator in Kansas City in 2014 and presented for their Demo Day in 2015. In 2018, we moved the company to Southern California and after years of hard work, we finally reached a point of growth and expansion. In 2018 after experiencing viral attention for our Cthulhu Collection launch in April, we quickly became one of the highest selling indie makeup brands on the market.

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I’m in the process of writing and publishing my auto-biography with the working title, “I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl”.  I have had a truly unique life and accomplished a lot against some incredible odds. I’m going to be posting updates about this in my blog on this site.